Adam Stetson
Full Name Adam Parker Stetson
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 6'4
Weight 225 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Alignment Lawful good
Societal standing
Citizenship Canadian
Affiliation Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Occupation Soldier; Astronaut (formerly)
Marital Status Divorced
Relatives Olive Stetson (sister); Eric Stetson (father); Wanda Stetson (mother) Michael Stetson (brother); Burt J. Rhode (descendant); William “Bill” Stetson (grandfather)

Adam Stetson is a Astronaut from the 20th Century, he was also one of the many astronauts sent to work on the space station ZEUS. Adam then was sucked into a Wormhole that sent him to the 23rd Century.


Early LifeEdit

Adam was born to Eric and Wanda Stetson along with his twin sister Olive, as a young boy Adam was told by his grandfather about men who went to the stars just like him. Adam looked up to his grandfather and wished to travel in space and be the greatest astronaut ever.


In his early 20s, Adam began to apply for NASA after training in his back garden as a child. Adam was declined many times until they found out he was related to Bill Stetson one of the greatest Astronauts who ever lived as he had first discovered Wormholes and managed to get a 6 second clip of one in action before it closed.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Adam posses no superhuman powers


  • Peak Human Conditioning: Due to his intense training to become a Astronaut, Adam has enhanced Strength, Speed ,Agility, Reflexes and Endurance
    • Peak Human Strength: Adam Stetson bears enough strength to knock out Aaron Carter and a Terranovian with one hard punch.
    • Peak Human Speed: Adam is fast enough to keep up with a High-speed rail going at its fastest pace.
    • Peak Human Agility: Adam has been taught by many French Parkour specialists resulting in him being extremely agile.
    • Peak Human Endurance: He is able to hold his breath for 9 minuets without coming for air, he can go 3 days straight without eating, sleeping or drinking. Adam has also been known to take a punch from a Terranovian and remain standing.
    • Peak Human Intelligence: Adam is known to have outsmarted a robot built to know every known possible method at winning chess at it's own game.


Adam has kept some of his 20th century hobbies, such as Painting, Yachting, Reading classic novels, Chess, Horse Riding, Wine Tasting, Writing journals and Piloting.