Albacin is a class M3 red dwarf star at an unknown distance from the Sol system. The star has a total of six planets.

Albacin itself is very old at least 5.5 billion years old, rotating at a much slower rate than other red dwarfs. The star's magnetic field has greatly weakened, reducing the frequency of deadly radiation bursts, making the habitable planets far more hospitable than they were in the past.


Albacin IEdit

Albacin I is a close orbiting planet roughly the size of Earth's moon. Covered entirely in lava, the planet takes only a mere three days to complete a revolution around its parent star.

Albacin IIEdit

Albacin II is gaseous planet similar in mass to Neptune. It is a "hot-ice" planet mostly brown in color with several bands of clouds.

Albacin IIIEdit

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Albacin III is an "eyeball Earth", a habitable planet tidally locked to its parent start. Albacin III is home to a remote human colony.

Albacin IVEdit

Albacin IV is a fairly large ocean planet just at the outer edge of the habitable zone. While far larger than Albacin III, the planet is less dense being comprised mostly of ocean and an icy core. Just beyond Albacin IV is an asteroid belt.

Albacin VEdit

Albacin V is an ammonia cloud gas giant with twice the mass of Jupiter. It is adorned with more than 100 moons as well as a prominent ring system.

Albacin VIEdit

Albacin VI is a small rocky planet likely to be an ejected moon from Albacin V. Aside from anomalous volcanic activity, it is fairly unremarkable.