The Architect
Full Name Architect
Status alive
Species Omnipotent being
Age Unknown
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Alignment Unknown
Societal standing
Citizenship Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Creator of the universe
Marital Status Unknown
  • Thomas Jones (son)
  • Alice Drilrek (daughter)
  • Vanessa Arquette (daughter)
  • "I have many names. Some have called me God, but you may call me the Architect."
    ―The Architect

    The Architect is hailed by many to be the strongest entity in the known universe. Though he does not claim to have created the universe and its planets, he takes credit for designing all life in the universe and for bestowing free will. He remains hidden within an inaccessible metaphysical plane and few have ever spoken with him directly.

    After defeating his sworn enemy, the Darkness, he realized he needed to keep his creations safe from other threats, he then created a chip which bonded to it's host and granted them powers, he spread these chips across the universe where they found worthy individuals with pure hearts and souls. At least 2000 members arrived on the planet Primus, that day he formed the Comet Corps.

    Believing that the future civilizations of the universe should interact with one another, the Architect created a series of wormholes spanning across the entire universe to be one day be used by those who develop space travelling technology.