Status Rare
Type Amorphous
Homeworld Various
Powers/Abilities Various
  • Demiurge
  • Brightness
  • Indirect attacks
  • Quantum Sword
  • Archons are the children of the Demiurge which are the parallel counterpart to the Hakiuns. They are a parasitic, noncorporeal species that inhabit the bodies of other species.


    Archons require a host body in order interact with other beings. Although they can take control of any being at will, it is considered more honorable to ask the host permission before inhabiting. Although Archons are immortal, they cannot reproduce. Only a finite number of them were created when they first appeared during the Demiurge's battle with the Brightness.

    Archons read the thoughts of their hosts eventually forming a bond where they become inseparable. Once this happens, the Archon can never leave the host's body.

    Like any being, Archons need a form of sustenance, but instead of food, Archons feed off of emotions. Archons can feed off of the emotions of the people around them, but this requires effort on the host's part. If the host does not actively draw out the emotions of other people to feed from, the Archon will begin feeding off the emotions of its host. Over prolonged periods of time of the Archon not having its fill, the host eventually becomes psychopathic.

    Powers and abilitiesEdit

    In addition to whatever powers they already had to begin with, the host will acquire the following abilities whenever an Archon inhabits their body.


    Archons can move through space-time instantaneously as they can phase in and out of the physical world.

    Total immortalityEdit

    When an Archon's host is killed, they phase out of the physical world and eventually reappear elsewhere within 24 hours. Unless defeated by a Quantum Sword, Archons will always come back from the dead no matter the circumstance. The catch is that the Archon returns with the host to the exact location in space-time where the host was born, and thus, they will appear countless lightyears away from their original location due to the way that galaxies move across the universe.

    Pain shareEdit

    Whenever someone inflicts direct physical pain on the Archon's host, the opponent experiences the exact same pain. Although no physical damage is done, the opponent merely thinks that he or she is in pain. For example, if an Archon is punched and a bruise is left, the opponent will feel like he or she just receive that same punch, but no bruise would be visible. However, this ability only works on entities capable of feeling pain.


    Whenever an Archon is struck by a physical projectile, it ricochets off back towards the direction it came from.

    Magic resistanceEdit

    Archons are one of the few known beings that have an almost complete resistance to magic. This is because Archons are just as chaotic and unpredictable as the force of magic is.


    Indirect attacksEdit

    Someone battling an Archon can avoid the effects of Pain share and Deflect by using the nearby environment to their advantage such as falling rocks or other inorganic objects which do not feel pain.