Beyond the Universe Wiki (BU for short) is a wikia started on 2 January 2014. It is a shared science fantasy adventure universe with original characters and settings.


Drawing inspiration from superhero fiction and comic books, BU takes place within the next few centuries from the present day in a time dominated by spacefaring factions created by humans, their superhuman offshoots and even other extraterrestrials. A large number of characters are gifted with special abilities usually acquiring them as a result of an experiment, alien origins or something else entirely. Even fantasy elements such as the supernatural and magic have found a niche within BU.

Locations have been established throughout the entire universe, and they're mostly connected through wormholes which eliminates the need to spend years getting from one star system to another.

For a master timeline of the events that take place in Beyond the Universe, see Timeline of Beyond the Universe.


BU falls under soft science fiction favoring storytelling over scientific plausibility. Therefore, we're pretty lenient when it comes to scientific accuracy so long as it doesn't violate willing suspension of disbelief.

Because the setting involves large amounts of characters with fantastical abilities, BU tends to be lighthearted with some darker moments every now and then. Ultimately, the atmosphere and tone is up to you so long as it can integrate itself well with other creations. Keep in mind that BU's target audience is 13+, so all content must be suitable for readers under the age of 17.

Getting startedEdit

All users are welcome. New users can get started whenever they wish, but before creating new content, you should run your idea with other authors here. Ideas get approved through community consensus which can be done through discussion in the forums or with the chat system.


Main article: Beyond the Universe Wiki:Rules

Affiliated wikisEdit

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  • Across The Heavens - The Main Wiki that the BTU wiki is based off of.

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