Black Mambas
[[Black Mambas|250px]]
Species of Origin Westerniers
Planet of Origin Westernia
Technical Readout
Type Weapon Double Action Revolver
Ammunition Type .38 Short Colt
Magazine Capacity 6 Round Cylinder
Service Record
Faction Utilization
The Black Mambas are a pair of custom made Colt 1851 Navy pistols designed by bounty hunter and hitman Black Death Jackson.


The pistols were designed when Jackson was 17 years old. He designed them to be one of the most effective weapons ever devised. He did make them double-action weapons because the Colt 1851 Navy was designed to originally be a single-action revolver.


The weapon has been used by it's creator since it's creation and it is undetermined the age of the weapon in general. It was used against Archer C. Carter when he protected Wanda Sanderson and Felix O' Neill from Black Death.