Blank Slate
Full Name Blank Slate
Date of birth October 30, 2050
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color None
Hair Color Black
Alignment Unknown
Societal standing
Citizenship Unknown
Affiliation Hundred Moon Clan
Occupation Experimental subject
Marital Status Unmarried
Relatives None
"Blank Slate is our name because that is what we are. Alone, we are nothing, but in the presence of others, we become something new."
―Blank Slate

Blank Slate is a magically engineered individual part of the Hundred Moon Clan. He is Durana's pet project which he uses as a means of acquiring new powers.


Blank Slate is often seen wearing a large trenchcoat with a hood. His eyes have no pupils so he often wears a mask which is half-white and half-black. Blank Slate also has black hair and pale skin.


Blank Slate has a split personality, one that is playful and somewhat psychopathic, while the other is more down to earth and serious.



Blank Slate has the ability to mimic the powers of those within a certain radius. By watching the power be performed, enough magic gets generated allowing him to temporarily mimic his opponents' moves. He can only mimic targets which are organic and humanoid in shape. When around a highly trained soldier for example, he can mimic their knowledge on firearms as well as their physical training. When around superhumans, Blank Slate can alter his own physiology to be able to mimic his opponents' natural abilities.

Blank Slate retains his newly acquired abilities permanently, but he can only use them to maximum potential when his original opponents are nearby. More powerful, energy expending abilities take a longer time to copy.


By staring down his target, Blank Slate can read everything about it: strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes which allows him to use his mimicry abilities. He cannot use this ability when wearing his mask, but he wears it deliberately. Staring at a large crowd of people without his mask is mentally dangerous.