"The power of the gods can drive one mad without the knowledge of controlling such great strength."
―Chandra Kuasa
Chandra Kuasa
[[Chandra Kuasa|250px]]
Full Name Chandra Kuasa
Status Alive
Species Terranovian
Gender Male
Age 56
Height 7ft 1
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Greyish-Black
Alignment Bad
Societal standing
Citizenship Terranovian
Affiliation Terranovian Empire
Occupation King of Terranovia (Formerly)
Marital Status Married
Spouse(s) Lias Drakvon (Deceased)
Children Bisera Kuasa (son)

Chandra Kuasa was the former king of the Terranovian Empire. He is the father of Bisera Kuasa and the husband of Lias Drakvon before her death in the 2290s.


Chandra ruled during the Totalitarian Reign of the Terranovia; known by many as the Kuasa Dynasty.

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