Graham the Magnificent
Full Name Graham the Magnificent, Maser of Ten Thousand Tricks
Status alive
Species Human
Gender male
Age 19
Height 6'2
Weight Unknown
Eye Color black
Hair Color black
Alignment Neutral evil
Societal standing
Citizenship outcast
Affiliation Hundred Moon Clan
Occupation Member of a criminal organization
Marital Status Unmarried
Relatives Unknown
"Behold! I am Graham, master of ten thousand tricks and magnificence given form! Prepare yourselves for the greatest show in the galaxy!"
―Graham the Magnificent's introduction in the freak show

Graham the Magnificent (full legal name Graham the Magnificent, Master of Ten Thousand Tricks, original name Graham Burton Ridley) is an illusionist and self-proclaimed leader of the Hundred Moon Clan.

Graham was once a member of the Ridley Clan of Farandia, known for their illusions and trickery.


Graham has pasty white skin and spiky black hair often wearing purple eyeliner and lipstick. He chooses to wear a black tuxedo, a top hat, blue jeans and white gloves.


Graham has been classified as a narcissist and selfish. He has a intense passion for the arts particularly stage performances.


Soul MonocleEdit

Graham wears a device over his left eye known as the Soul Monocle which allows him to observe brain waves in others allowing him to see what fears his opponents have. The Soul Monocle is also an infrared scanner.

Smoke BombsEdit

Graham carries smoke bombs which often come in a variety of colors, mostly purple and pink. These allow him to confuse and temporarily blind his opponents.

Magic cardsEdit

Graham carries several decks of cards which have each been enchanted with special properties that allow him to control the cards with his mind. They have the capacity of defying gravity, cutting through steel and even blocking oncoming bullets. These cards serve as his main weaponry, allowing him to have a deadly arsenal without being weighed down with heavier conventional weapons that could achieve a similar purpose.


Graham is an expert liar and illusionist. As he is a native to Farandia, he is naturally born with magical abilities.

Illusion magicEdit

Graham can alter one's brain waves to make them see illusions, allowing him to mislead opponents and even drive them insane.