Hamlet Classic 2150
Hamlet Classic 2150
Vital statistics
Produced In 2150-2260
Type Vehicle Flying Car
Manufacturer Hamlet Automakers
Armor Intensium Alloy
  • None (Standard)
  • Various (Customized)
  • Propulsion Quantum VXtreme Supercharged Engine
    The Hamlet Classic 2150 is a vintage flying automobile designed by Hamlet Automakers. The car is considered one of the oldest and yet most reliable cars to date.


    After the failure of the Hamlet Zoom X-10; Hamlet Automakers was on the verge of foreclosure and needed a new vehicle to replace the flopped their predecessor. Fortinbras Hamlet eventually came out with a new design for a new car that could be manufactured due to the discovery of quantum technology. The workers got into working with the first prototype which was tested not long after and as a result, the car became a hit vehicle to the rich.

    Eventually though it was decided that the car would be affordable to both the rich and the middle class. The car eventually became a big hit with spies and celebrities. The President of the United States requested a stretched version of the vehicle to be made and within the same year; a limo version of the car was manufactured.

    Unfortunate CircumstancesEdit

    Despite it's popularity in automobiles; the Hamlet Classic wasn't manufactured after 2260, this was because Hamlet Automakers was now filing for bankrupcy and the parts to produce the Hamlet Classic were becoming more and more expensive to produce. This led to them having to scrap the Hamlet Classic and therefore the whole buisness went belly up.

    24th CenturyEdit

    Despite it not being manufactured anymore; there were about 50,000,000,000 Hamlet Classic 2150s manufactured before their manufacturer went under for good. Even though they aren't made; they are seen from time to time and are somewhat rare to many people. Government Leaders, celebrities, V.I.Ps and other important and famous people are known to still use this car and are still in love with how it handles and how it feels.

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