"Through diplomacy, all humans and extraterrestrials alike can cooperate to build a better future."
―An IAF statement
Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Type Democracy
Size Unknown
Kardashev Class 2
Status Active
Species Various
  • Terranovian Empire
  • Legacy
  • Global Federation of Research and Defense
  • Teen Legacy
  • Legacy Hero Academy
  • Enemies Militia
    Capital Unknown
    Languages Various

    The Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom is a major democratic galactic union, ratified in the interest of economic, social and military cooperation between its members. They are currently engaged in armed conflict with several factions, all of which have posed aggression and refused to accept the terms of peaceful coexistence with the union, ether due to religious or political matters and standpoints.

    The union has its primary base of operations and its summit in the Alpha Centauri system, but holds many events off-world on planets such as Thessia and Corpain.


    The IAF proclaims themselves as highly idealistic with the intent of uniting all worlds through peace and diplomacy only using military force as a means of defending themselves. They are advocates for the establishment of a post-scarcity economy and for the coexistence of humans and aliens. The Militia actively accuses the IAF of slander and the defiling of other cultures although the IAF officially denies such statements.


    Capital worldsEdit



    Shortly after Chandra Kuasa was dethroned by Archer C. Carter, the Terranovian Empire was transformed into a democracy and the IAF pact was created to foster better relationships between other worlds. The first member to join was Earth, but other planets soon followed.


    The I.A.F have many Protocols for different activities involving the public, the government or their enemies.

    • Failsafe Protocol - In case members of the Militia or any terrorist group break in to one of the I.A.F's most secure bases in the galaxy all information deemed useful will be uploaded to a USB and that USB will be sent to the nearest safe I.A.F base.
    • Endgame Protocal - If the I.A.F have been breached by members of enemy factions the Endgame Protocal can be accessed by Adam Stetson and Aaron Carter, The Endgame will cause every I.A.F to self-destruct ending the threat once and for all.
    • Apprentice Protocol - If the Endgame Protocal has been issued the remaining members of the I.A.F will restart the faction using new and young recruits.