Type Gas giant
Parent Faran A
Moons 100+
Atmosphere 82% hydrogen, 16% helium, 2% methane

Jin is a water cloud gas giant in the Faran trinary system. It was one of the first worlds discovered in the early 21st century after the exploration of the Wormhole Network


Jin has over one hundred moons. Many are hardly any different from asteroids, but below are some of the most notable.


Main article: Farandia

Farandia is highly vegetated jungle world home to creatures of magical nature. The areas of higher altitude tend to be much drier and cooler than the tropical rainforests and oceans.


Moto is a dry world and the closest orbiting large moon, and the gravitational pull of the gas giant as well as the other moons create intense volcanic activity. Moto is also the location where the Hundred Moon Clan has set up its main headquarters.

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