Katar Zez
Katar Zez
General Zez
Full Name Katar Rihu Zez
Date of birth 2260
Aliases General Zez
Status Alive
Species Sarquil
Gender Male
Height 10'2
Weight 300 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Bald
Alignment Bad
Societal standing
Citizenship Siynovian
Affiliation Sarquil Army
Occupation General of the Sarquil Army
Marital Status Married
"Humans are weak, built to serve. Freewill is a lie, and the Sarquil will enslave your race. The Sarquil will rule all."
―Translated from Sarquilish

Katar Zez is a Sarquil and the general of the Sarquil Army as well as the sworn enemy of Legacy. He used Galvon Raminti's theory and is now an expert in Wormholes and used it to travel to Earth and attempt to enslave it although, his plan was foiled by Legacy.