Legacy Hero Academy
[[Hero Academy|250px]]
Type Academy For Superheroes
Status Active
Species Superhumans
Languages Various
Population 200
The Legacy Hero Academy is a special highschool that specializes in the training and teaching of young teenager and adult superhumans. The school was named after the superhero group known to the universe as Legacy.


This school was founded by Allen Carter in the year 2348; after the group Legacy and him destroyed the flagship of the Militia; the MSS Swordfish. He believed that if the universe was becoming greatly populated by superhumans; then they should be given guidance on how to use their powers, as well as either become a well educated person to be sent out into the ever expanding universe or to become a next generation superhero.


The L.H.A is known to have a very strict academy on how they run their facility and are known to be very careful.


Students and visitors are required to wear a specially designed badges disguised as pins. They are scanned by the security cameras and the badge is run through the main computer's database, allowing students and visitors to enter without question. People that are not possessing such a badge are incapable of entering, however accommodations can be established; but even the most accommodated person has something to hide.

Usually people possessing no badge but are accommodated are known to be scanned and are known to undergo a thorough search in order to be sure that they are not hiding anything on their person. People such as cops and federal agents must obey the protocol of relinquishing their weapons and equipment while entering, no exceptions. This is then followed by a brief medical examination in order to make sure the people who enter this building are not carrying any kind of lethal disease; even though many students are capable of resisting disease. After this, the people can enter and meet with the person or tour the facility.


As a school for training superheroes; the L.H.A is known to have a very strict policy on the concepts of secrecy. They only trust the people who are known to have children within the school, primarily their direct family, (fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers). There are however few people that know what the L.H.A is really for where as others are known to believe that the school is a boarding school or college.