Logan Moreau
Full Name Logan William Moreau
Date of birth September 11, 2307
Aliases Swindler
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 5ft 9
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Alignment Good
Societal standing
Citizenship French-Canadian
Affiliation Legacy
Occupation Student; Vigilante
Marital Status Single
Relatives Marie Moreau (mother), Garfield Moreau (brother), Fred Moreau (father, deceased), Mary Wilson (aunt), Grant Wilson (cousin), Amy Wilson (cousin), Lennox Wilson (cousin)

Logan Moreau is a student at the Noah Salsworth High School, Logan then became the vigilante know as the Swindler or just Swindler as he had a knack for stealing things.


Early LifeEdit

Logan was born in Lyon in France to University teacher Fred Moreau and nurse Marie Moreau, At a young age Logan had a knack for taking things such as his fathers pens and his mothers notebooks. At the age of 16 Logan began stealing alcohol and selling it out on the streets for more money, this eventually lead him to selling drugs but he was caught days after starting. To get his mind off stealing Logan took up Gymnastics and excelled at it, Logan then thought that he could sell stolen things while on the move and use his gymnastic skills to evade the police.

The Dreadful DayEdit

After a few more weeks of drug smuggling, Logan was caught again by the police but let out a few hours after, Logan thought it was weird when he found the police who had arrested him were dead. Logan ran home when he saw police cars outside thinking they were for him he climbed in through the back window into his room, Logan found his brother Garfield crying and went to ask him what happened but all he got was a hug. Logan thought that he should let the police arrest him so that his family could live in peace, when he reached down stairs Logan found his mother crying and forensics identifying a body. Logan got close enough to see that the body was of his fathers and then vomited at sight of it, Logan asked what happened when a forensic officer tells him that his father was stabbed in his stomach and fell into the house when Garfield called his mother who kept pressure on the wound. Fred was then whacked over the head giving him a concussion, Fred then was grabbed by a man who also pushed Marie backwards but he managed to fight him off. Fred then began walking the other direction where he was struck by a car. Marie managed to get him inside and on the carpet and called 112 then dialled 17 and 15 which lead police cars and a ambulance their by the time the police arrived, Fred was already dead.


Logan, Garfield and Marie along with other friends and family members watched as Fred Moreau was buried, Logan told his father that he would avenge him and that he would keep the coin his father did magic with as a remainder. The funeral was watched by police who were also standing guard, Logan was comforted by his best friend Daphne Cooper. Logan was attacked at the funeral by the men who killed his father, the men captured Logan and Daphne throwing them in the back of a van before driving away.