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Miles Snuggles
[[Mr. Snuggles|250px]]
Full Name Miles Wilhelm Snuggles
Date of birth March 3, 2353
Aliases Superhog
Status Alive
Species African Pygmy Hedgehog
Gender Male
Age 20
Alignment Lawful Good
Societal standing
Citizenship New Earth
Affiliation N.E.S.T
Occupation Superhero
Marital Status Single
"Hey just because I'm small, doesn't mean I can't kick your ass"
―Snuggles to Katar Zez 

Miles Wilhelm Snuggles (A.K.A "Mr. Snuggles" or "Superhog") is a genetically augmented superhuman African Pygmy hedgehog. He is a member of the team known as N.E.S.T; as well as the pet of Ethan Carter.


When Ethan was old enough to own his own pet; he decided to get himself a hedgehog whom he named Mr. Snuggles due to him being adorable. When Ethan got older; he subjected his hedgehog to a series of genetic augmentation. This eventually caused his hedgehog to actually start thinking like a Human and even speaking like one as well.

Snuggles eventually found that he had superhuman powers similar to that of Archer C. Carter. It wasn't long though that he would become a member of N.E.S.T during the second battle against the Sarquil Army commanded by Katar Zez. He actually engaged Zez in a straight up fight that actually proved that even the most adorable of things can be the most powerful.