Quantum Sword
Species of Origin Avatar
Manufacturer Unknown
Planet of Origin Wisma
Technical Readout
Type Weapon Blade
Service Record
Introduction Date circa 12,000 BC
Conflicts Used Avatar Crusades, Confrontation with Durana
Service Length Unknown
Faction Utilization
Factions Utilized None

The Quantum Sword is an extremely dangerous melee weapon crafted by the Avatar Theocracy. Because it cuts through the fabric of space-time, it has the ability to destroy virtually anything in just one slice. Because of this, the Quantum Sword is considered the universal one-hit kill weapon.


The innerworkings of the weapon are long lost, but it utilized the Architect's Equation long before the rise of human civilization. The blade is composed of an unidentified substance similar to dark matter allowing it to change lengths to whatever the wielder wills it to.

The hilt is intricately crafted of a similar material as Avatar cells although it is less organic nature. As a result, the hilt can phase in and out of existence along with the Avatar holding it. The actual blade, crafted of a similar substance to dark matter, absorbs all light near it giving it a pitch black appearance with no definite edges. The faster it gets swung, the faster it absorbs the matter around it which in turn continuously powers the sword.


The Quantum Sword was originally crafted en masse as the standard issue weapon during the Avatar Crusades in order to destroy all those who refused to enter Salvation. When the Avatar Theocracy realized how senseless the violence was, they ordered that all Quantum Swords be destroyed - the only way of which was to cross them together. The Avatars also destroyed the instructions on how to craft the sword, and even purged the memory of it from their systems.

Only one Quantum Sword managed to survive, and it was discovered by Durana who used it for his own purposes. He attempted to craft more of them, but did not succeed. After Durana's defeat, the rogue Avatar named Reaper took the blade to use it for more mysterious, neutral purposes.

Because there is no other known Quantum Sword, the last one is now currently impossible to destroy by any known conventional means. Even so, because there is only one left, there has been little motivation by the IAF to track it down as it does not pose any large scale threat.

Omega UniverseEdit

In the Omega Universe, the Quantum Sword was shattered into smaller fragments when a group of Archons went up against Durana.

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