The Quantum War is an event that took place in the 2130s in the Omega and Alpha Timelines involving Teen Legacy, Legacy and Savien Wesiford.


A Path to the Past from the FutureEdit

In the Omega Timeline, an Archon named Savien Wesiford was in a deep meditative state and had a vision of an alternative, peaceful universe, and he discovered that humanity will at some point travel to the past to make this possible. A fellow Archon named Zandoras becomes aware of this as well, but he becomes insistent that it would defy the will of the Demiurge. Thus, the two have a debate which soon escalates into an argument. Savien and Zandoras became rivals and they raced to learn how to find this alternative timeline.

Savien found an old human friend and expert in quantum physics named Galvon who at the time was an elderly man - Galvon aged but Savien didn't. Galvon described that the ability to travel into the past did not exist yet, and it would be invented by humans ten thousand years into the future based on the current progression of technology. However, Galvon suggested that he could travel in a relativistic starship to go to that future time period. However, he warned that once he goes to the future, everyone he knew today would be long dead and most likely forgotten to history, and there would be no turning back.

Zandoras and Savien eventually arrive in the future time period. Humans have evolved into Greys and they were building a timeship that would send some Grey colonists into the 20th century as a means of putting an end to human sins. Savien smuggles himself aboard the timeship and they end up in the 1940s, the years before the war began. Zandoras soon follows in a different timeship.

First Phase: The Secret FrontEdit

Zandoras and Savien discoverd an injured Hakiun named Saul that was locked up in Area 51. It dawned on them that the Greys were not the first extraterrestrials to visit Earth. Saul had been injured thousands of years prior, and the humans had locked him up choosing to remain as a sleeper agent. However, Saul suddenly came to believe that Zandoras and Savien to be dark, evil beings, and tried to escape, sending a interstellar message to alert other Hakiuns of the dangerous entities that threatened to disrupt the flow of time.

A cold war known as the Secret Front begun where the Greys needed to defend themselves against attacking Hakiun who associated them with the Archons. The fight was taken to the surface of Saturn's moon Titan as to not interfere with human development.

...more to come...