Type Sun Sized Earth
Moons 1
  • 78% Nitrogen
  • 21% Oxygen
  • 0.9% Argon
  • 0.1% Other (Carbon Dioxide, Water, etc.)
  • Gravity Earth-Like
    Temperature 20-90 Degrees
    Factions Terranovian Armed Forces
  • Terranovian Resistance
  • Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
  • Population 7,000,000
    Terranovia is the 2nd planet in a solar system within the Constellation Orion. It is in fact the largest planet in it's solar system.


    Terranovia started sustaining life at the beginning of the universe and one of the oldest living planets to still be alive to this very day. It's lifeforms came within a thousand years and later evolved into Earth like species; with of course different appearances and methods. The crystals that would later be known as Terranovium Crystals were formed during the Triassic Period; according to Earth's history.


    During the 23rd Century; a group of Humans thrived upon the planet; however they mastered the uses of clean and renewable energy from the Terranovium Crystals. Even creating this technology; these humans were actually experimenting with genetic augmentation so that they could be more powerful against their enemies in the future.

    They tested their augmentations on many subjects in the local populace; which turned out to be a success and later on, was made a law to have everyone become augmented with various abilities. They eventually evolved into superhumans which are currently known to all as Terranovians.

    24 CenturyEdit

    By the 24th century; Terranovians were known to have been under the oppression of Chandra Kuasa. He taxed the people into poverty and they had nearly nothing left.

    Terranovian ResistanceEdit

    Aissa Nova was known to have started a group of freedom fighters known to all as the Terranovian Resistance. Even though it was formed; it was failing miserably against the Terranovian Armed Forces and as a result, left Aissa in a puzzling state of mind in order to strategize a new method of attack.

    Terranovian Civil WarEdit

    Archer C. Carter visited the planet and was later questioned by Chandra; who believed him to be a spy. He charged him and was sending him to Da'Roth; however Archer managed to escape and eventually met Aissa and the resistance. The resistance would later be taught by Archer to become even more vicious killers and this later started the Terranovian Civil War.

    Post-Civil WarEdit

    After the fall of Kuasa; Archer and Aissa became the new rulers of the Terranovian Empire, which helped improve the life of the Terranovian people greatly.

    Present DayEdit

    Terranovia is now a thriving planet which is home to the Terranovians and even Humans. It is also the major producer of resources that are indeed clean and renewable.