Below is the timeline of Beyond the Universe. This page may be updated by anyone.

There are two parallel timelines in Beyond the Universe, the Alpha timeline and the Omega timeline. The former is considered the "main" timeline while Omega is a deviation with similar characters but different events. Therefore, only unique events that occur only in Omega should be listed there. Everything else should be under Alpha.

Alpha TimelineEdit

The Alpha universe is more idealistic with more favorable outcomes.


New Space AgeEdit

22nd CenturyEdit

23rd CenturyEdit

24th CenturyEdit

30th CenturyEdit

  • 2976 AD
    • Superhuman War begins.

31st CenturyEdit

  • 3014 AD
  • 3029 AD
    • Zetax Rhode returns to the past.
  • 3031 AD
    • Zetax Rhode alters the past, ending the Superhuman War.

Omega TimelineEdit

The Omega timeline is far darker with grimmer outcomes.

  • 2063 AD
    • Noah Salsworth survives but fails to stop Durana.
    • Durana acquires so much power that he essentially becomes a god.
  • 2064 AD
    • Savien becomes a host for an Archon.
  • 10023 AD
    • The Greys travel to the early 21st century to the Alpha Universe to change history.