USS Warpstar
USS Warpstar
Vital statistics
Type Vehicle
  • Battlecruiser
  • Freighter
  • Armor Intensium Alloyed Hull
  • Terranovian Beam Cannons
  • Plasma Torpedo Launchers
  • Propulsion Fusonian Crystals
    Factions Used I.A.F
    The USS Warpstar (Formerly USS Katanga) is an unknown class heavily modified battlecruiser and freighter. It is the ship owned by Aaron Carter and crewed by many I.A.F personnel.


    The Warpstar, known as the Katanga back in the days of her former captain, Daryll Fox; was known as a ship that would carry cargo for the intergalactic war criminal Sarkos Two-Balls. One day in the year 2200, Fox decided to quit as Sarko's errand boy and so he took his vessel out into the unknown and use it for honest labor. By the year 2210, Aaron came aboard as a swab, but later was promoted to first mate after showing his courage against a large force of pirates in the Zeta Reticuli Star System. Later on in, Captain Fox died of a heart attack and gave the ship to Aaron before he died.


    When Aaron joined the I.A.F; the Warpstar went with him and despite his rank when he started, remained her captain. He eventually became a member of the S.U.D platoon and his ship would help them get from one galaxy to another instantly.

    Eventually after the death of the S.U.D; all there was left was Aaron and his fiance Claire Porter at the time. Despite being the last two members of the S.U.D platoon; Claire and Aaron continued working with the I.A.F; however it wasn't long till the ship got raided by pirates commanded by Sarkos Two-Balls. What they took was Claire and sabotaged the engines so that Aaron would be unable to catch up to them in time to save his woman.

    After 5 years however; Aaron found Claire; so that meant he wasn't gonna take any chances of losing her again. He and his new partner Adam Stetson followed a Militia transport onto the planet of Zarchos under cloak and both men ended up in a firefight with Sarkos men and the Militia. Aaron eventually ended up in a fight between Sarkos and actually crushed his hand into dust; as a result took Claire and escaped on the Warpstar.

    Present DayEdit

    Even in the 24th century; the Warpstar serves the purpose of both Aaron and the I.A.F in general. Even after getting an overhaul in modifications; this ship refuses to be kept down.