Status Thriving
Type Mammal
Homeworld Occhide
Powers/Abilities Shapeshifting, super strength, super leaping, high intelligence, partial invulnerability
Weaknesses Disease

Uhilians are shapeshifting creatures who are native to Occhide. Although they are not humanoid in their true form, they often to choose to look like humans should they ever have to converse with any.


Uhilians are comprised of a large number of singe-celled organisms which hold together a membrane made of tinted protoplasm. Encased within is a core which serves as the Uhilian's nervous system issuing commands that can reconfigure itself into any shape. These smaller organisms can work together to change their individual functions making shapeshifting possible, although the downside is that many times more energy is required to be consumed daily than Humans.

Thus, in their true form, Uhilians appear as puddles of slime. As a means of defense against predators, the spacing between cells can also be reconfigured into harder, crystalline-like substances which can serve as a means of natural armor. To increase their mobility, they can take the form of other animals, including humanoids. Along with that, being able to comprehend other creatures on a cellular level requires massive amounts of processing, thus making Uhilians highly intelligent by nature.

Every single organism within an Uhilians' body contains all of their DNA. As a result, when separated, an Uhilian is capable of regenerating lost parts through mitosis. However, Uhilians are still limited by the number of cells they have, and they can only shapeshift into an object of the same mass as themselves. To transform into a smaller, lighter object for example, they must shed out the excess weight, and to become something larger, they must acquire more energy to produce enough cells.

Uhilians were originally native to aquatic environments although they can survive on land if they build themselves a set of lungs. On their home planet, dealing with the higher gravity is a difficult task because they are more used to the ocean, but on worlds with lower gravity, they are capable of far greater strength.