Okay, this blog shall be where I post my ideas for pages so that I can get feedback and such on them before making them an actual article.

Two worlds really, really close to eachover

Yes, I couldent think of a better title than that. Basically my idea is these 2 planets that are extremely close to eachover, they even share an atmosphere and cause large disturbances in the gravity of the two planets as they rotate around eachover. They'll probably be held in place by some massive alien structures dotted across the 2 planets and inhabited by several warring races. The large amount of alien tech and stuff left on the planet will draw much attention to it with mercenaries, alien races, entire fleets and armies and even freelancers coming to the planet to fight over the loot.

The Scourge (working title)

A large group of cybernetically enhanced pirate like guys who conduct large swathes of murder, rape and more murder across the galaxy, ussually on the less defended fringe worlds. Took insparation from the Reavers in Firefly for these guys, almost all of their members have lost all humanity and show no remorse of mercy to their foes. Probably will use basic slug firing weapons and melee weapons, especially buzz saws, buzz saws seem to really suit these guys, having saws that project out their hands and such like in Screamers.

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